The firm “Sandersons & Morgans” has been formed as a result of merger and / or amalgamation of five previous firms of solicitors, namely, Morgan & Co., Sandersons & Co., Watkins & Co., Kesteven Gooding & Co. And Eggar & Co..
In our endeavour to go back and trace the history of these firms we observe that the nucleus was formed about 150 years ago and trough changes the present firm of Sandersons & Morgans came into existence in 1933.
We begin with the firm of Morgan & Co.. It appears from available sources that the root of the firm of Morgan & Co., may be traced back to the year 1835.
It is indeed a matter of interest for us to recite some facts regarding the history and development of this firm.
There was a firm of solicitors “Waddington & Wilson” in 1835 and one of the partners of such firm was Mr. Colin Wilson. The date when this firm was established or its predecessor could not be ascertained.
In 1839 the firm changed its name to “Waddington & Sades” and one of its partners Mr. J. Sandes was a Notary Public.
In 1843 the name of the firm was further changed to “Sandes Friths & Sandes” which was formed by the partners, namely, Mr. Thomas Sandes, Mr. Charles Hogg, Mr. Falkiner Chute Sandes and Mr. Warren Hastings Leslie Frith.
In 1846 the name was further changed to “Frith and Sandes”.